Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mental Health is Going to the Dogs and We're Going to Portland!

OCTOBER 11, 2012

We'll be presenting  our 90-minute workshop, Mental Health is Going to the Dogs (and Cats), with our co-presenter, Jo Becker, a local Fair Housing educator. Maeve and Joanne will be driving across the country in the Maevemobile and would love to do this workshop for your organization or group on our way out to Portland. 

To book a free talk for your group, contact us

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Respect for the Bereaved

"What if my dog's presence upsets some of the bereaved at the wake?" 

A member of my support group (call her Carol) contacted me after her mother died. Carol didn't think any of our support group would be at the wake because she hadn't been in contact lately. Carol is terribly susceptible to severe depression, has been devoted to her mother (she talked about her visits to the nursing home all the time) and there was a lot of friction and misunderstanding among her family. I don't usually attend wakes, but I'd never avoid one that mattered to someone in my support group. I offered to go. In my offer I specifically mentioned that I would be coming with Maeve. Carol responded with enthusiasm to the idea.

Inside my head I thought, "Yes, she's enthusiastic, but what about her siblings and other family members?" I could have asked, but I knew communications in her family were badly flawed.