Monday, November 21, 2011

Psychiatric Service Dog Mistaken for Stuffed Toy

"OMG! It's a real dog!"

 We were in Cafemantic in Willimantic, CT. I was sipping a delicious ginger lemongrass infusion and researching lCCD clubhouses in Virginia for our 2012 Q1 cross-country tour. Maeve was doing her job--lying quiet and still  beside me with the lingering essence of a Trader Joe's gourmet peanut butter dog cookie on her tongue.

 After the young lady recovered her composure she got to meet Maeve and she and her companion peppered me with questions.  They weren't familiar with service dogs other than guide dogs for the blind.

 As soon as I finished with that I entered Cafemantic into into Maeve's Business Honor Role as our 100th inductee! They also got a Two Paws Up designation.

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